Teak Bowl

Teak Bowl


Each handcrafted Teak Bowl is carved from recycled Indonesian teak wood and is as unique as the fingerprint of its carver. Inspired by the islands of New Zealand, the Teak Bowl features a fresh green succulent and brings a sense of adventure and wonder to your home.


Succulents include a wide range of plants including cacti, which are native to dry regions of the world. These plants store water for long periods of time. They tolerate infrequent watering and low light levels, making them the perfect easy-care plant.

  • Care

    Water: Allow soil to dry between watering. Succulents can tolerate very dry conditions. Do not allow standing water in the pot or tray.


    Light: Display in bright artificial light or near a window in indirect sunlight. In mild climates, succulents can grow on an outside porch without direct sunlight.


    Temperature: These plants tolerate a wide range of temperatures from 40-90F. Do not allow to freeze and keep away from air conditioning and heating vents.